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8 Ways to Boost Your Website Conversion Rate

March 15, 2017
This article will give you some tips and best practices to boost the conversion-to-visitor rate on your website. This ratio is a measure of how efficient your site is at making sales, so you want to focus your efforts on improving it. After optimizing your SEO and outreach strategies to bring more visitors to your site, you should expect more sales, right? Not necessarily. Simply getting people to your site is only half of the equation. You also need to convince them to buy. While there is no magic formula for becoming an eCommerce superstar, there are some powerful strategies you can implement that will lead to a higher conversion ratio.

4 site upgrades to boost your conversion rate

  1. Optimize for mobile. This goes beyond responsive design (which is essentially a search-engine requirement anyway). Mobile optimization means presenting users with a clear, easy-to-use interface on their mobile device. Delivering key content and action points in a convenient way, and speeding up the process, will help more customers make purchases.
  2. Speed up checkouts. Online shoppers, and especially those on mobile devices, are impatient. Any hiccups in the checkout process risk losing a sale. Set up the checkout process to be as fast and convenient as possible for customers.
  3. Accelerate site speed. Customer attention spans are shrinking, and mobile users are especially tough when it comes to loading times. Avoid losing potential sales by setting up your site so it loads quickly on mobile devices. A few tips to do this include compressing your CSS scripts, optimizing lossless images, and limiting third-party advertising space.
  4. Improve product experiences. Simply having your products up on the site isn’t always enough. You need to present a carefully curated environment that combines concise copy and engaging images and videos that clearly demonstrate how the product works. Your site is your salesperson, so give it the tools it needs.

4 ways to turn visitors into customers

  1. Attract the right traffic. More traffic to your site is usually a good thing. But you can maximize sales efficiency if the people visiting your site are already interested in your type of product. Make sure your content and marketing efforts are focused on attracting the right kind of customer – one who is already interested.
  2. Guide your customers. Simplicity is key. Design your mobile site so that important content is presented to viewers as fast as possible. The fewer clicks it takes to do what they want, the happier customers will be. Use call-to-action words and buttons to guide users toward the purchase phase.
  3. Build trust with customers. People buy more from brands they trust. Adding a security badge or protection guarantee can do wonders for convincing hesitant customers to buy. Trust is also about brand recognition. If you are a new company, it pays to incorporate icons from established companies like Google or Norton security to lend weight to your own.
  4. Offer flexible payment options. By offering guest checkouts (no need to set up an account), you can speed up the buying process. Some users will find alternative payment methods, such as Amazon Pay or PayPal, more convenient than entering their credit card information. Remember, this is all about efficiency.

Where should I start?

Implementing all of these improvements at the same time is not feasible for most businesses. While they are all important, there are a few that we recommend you start with because they deliver the best ROI initially.

Go with a mobile upgrade. Nearly 50% of online sales are made with mobile devices, so mobile optimization is critical. Google’s increasing focus on mobile websites also cannot be ignored. By creating a streamlined mobile shopping experience, you’ll make search engines and customers happier.

Design a more personalized product experience. Use the tips about enhancing your product presentation to give users a complete understanding of your products. This will help them imagine owning the product and make them more confident about buying it.

Finally, the faster you can establish trust with a new customer, the greater the chance that they make a purchase. At the same time, focus your efforts on rewarding loyalty from repeat customers.

To review, raising your conversion-to-visitor ratio is critical to your bottom line. Accomplish this by implementing the 8 steps described above. For more information about how DotcomWeavers can engineer an eCommerce sales experience that boosts your conversion rate, please contact us today.

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