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DotcomWeavers is a B2B solutions specialist with deep experience creating strategies that solve unique B2B eCommerce problems. Though the B2B eCommerce market is still maturing, its potential is huge. It is expected to reach nearly $7 trillion by 2020 (more than 25% of the B2B sales). To capitalize on this potential, we can help you build trust and loyalty with customers while delivering features that will help serve your B2B customers. Many experts believe that a seamless user experience is the most important aspect of any B2B transaction. Because B2B businesses require multiple levels of access and service we can provide custom functionalities such as customer-segmented experiences and pricing, rule-based product recommendations, multi-vendor platforms, multiple storefront management, automated ordering, streamlined checkouts and much more.


Through our intuitive content management systems (CMS) you can easily manage products, categories, customer groups, content and more. We’ll also provide powerful customer relationship management systems (CRMs) to foster trust and loyalty as your company grows.


Whether you want an industry-specific B2B marketplace or to sell your products on an established general marketplace, we have the B2B solutions you need. Through effective B2B strategies and software solutions, we can position you for success in any segment of the market.

We build powerful B2B Solutions


Custom price rules for various customer groups are powerful sales tools for B2B eCommerce stores. We can create pricing models according to industry, company, and location, as well as discounts based on purchase quantity or price.


Personalized B2B customer portals grant exclusive access to your content, products, and services for B2B clients. At DotcomWeavers, our customer portals can streamline the efficiency of your eCommerce store. This can increase customer satisfaction and boost total orders.

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More Questions about B2B Solutions

We can integrate automated software applications to handle your accounting and sales tracking on a daily, quarterly, and yearly basis. Our team can also customize the functionality to fit with your unique business practices. When data is retrieved, it will be clear and concise so you can leverage the existing performance for future growth.
Yes, we can. Our team of expert designers and developers can create custom business solutions that handle end-to-end B2B needs. Just a few of the processes we support include high sales volumes, subscriptions, order management, quote management, contract pricing, channel partner support, cross-selling/upselling, licensing, renewals, ERP integration, CRM systems, and much more.
DotcomWeavers has extensive experience collaborating with businesses to facilitate communication and negotiate the best prices with external service vendors. We also evaluate proposals and can create cost-saving solutions that duplicate or improve upon services rendered by others. We are more than a design and development company – we are a true business partner.
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