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7 Ways to Win: B2B eCommerce with Magento

Reed Patterson

Content Strategist at DotcomWeavers

May 28, 2019 / Reading Time: 15 Minutes

The future of B2B is online. B2B businesses must leverage technology to better serve their customers and stay competitive. In the first episode of our eCommerce Over Coffee Webinar Series – 7 Ways to Win: B2B eCommerce with Magento, three DotcomWeavers experts share tips on how to win in the changing B2B eCommerce space.

The companies that are winning in the eCommerce space are those that put their customers first. Adapting to their way of doing business (instead of forcing them to follow yours) is the best way to win customer loyalty.

You can watch the whole presentation (1 hour) or scroll down to see the slides. Topics we covered include:

  • The modern B2B environment and customer
  • How Magento 2 can enhance your B2B business
  • B2B User Experiences
  • Custom / Automated Pricing, Sales & Billing
  • Parts Finders & Quick Ordering
  • Advanced Quoting & RFQ
  • Robust Product Details Pages
  • Requisition Lists & Punchout Integrations
  • Payment, Pricing & Credit Options


DotcomWeavers is a certified Magento Business Solutions Partner and has launched more than 200 Magento websites to date. Your speakers are:

  • Amit Bhaiya (DotcomWeavers CEO and Co-Founder)
  • Malay Patel (a DotcomWeavers certified Magento Solutions Specialist)
  • Reed Patterson (a DotcomWeavers eCommerce Marketing Strategist).

7 Ways to Win: B2B eCommerce with Magento


Welcome to the B2B eCommerce with Magento Webinar


Webinar Topics


The Modern B2B Environment


The Modern B2B Customer


The Magento 2 Landscape


Get Started Today


User Experience: Design, Structure and Customer Access


Simple Interactions: Quick Order Pads and Parts Finders


Convenience: Request a Quote & RFQ Options


More Conversions: Enhanced Product Details Pages


Their Terms: Requiiisition Lists and Punchout Integrations


Faster Service: Streamlined Shipping and Order Fulfillment


Make it easy to buy: User Pricing, Financing and Partnerships


Wallington Plumbing and Heating Supply


Case Study: Wallington Plumbing and Heating Supply


Case Study


Understand Immediate Needs and Prepare for the Future


Webinar Recap


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Reed Patterson

Content Strategist


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