3 Common Website Design Mistakes

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Top eCommerce Website Design Mistakes

Why are so many eCommerce sites setting themselves up for failure with poorly designed pages? What are the most common eCommerce design mistakes most businesses do? They have great products, great customer service and even great prices, but their site fails to capture the attention of potential buyers…or, even worse, their poor site design actually pushes customers away.

With greater success in mind, let’s solve three eCommerce design mistakes that show up far too often in the world of eCommerce.

Are Your Images Tarnishing ‘Your Image’?
Have you ever gone shopping online and come across a site that has horrible photos? The images look like they were taken by a 4-year old with a point-and-shoot camera in a poorly lit closet. Now think about your impression of that company. It’s not good, is it? Of course not, because the images displayed online are a direct reflection of the person/business posting them. If the photos appear unprofessional, so does the business.

Amazingly, though, this happens all too frequently in the world of eCommerce. Businesses spend a lot of time and energy trying to build their eCommerce site, and then represent their efforts with terrible photos. And it’s not just product shots…it’s headshots of the company’s leaders, too.
So, if you own or run an online business, don’t let poor images ruin your reputation. Spend the time or money (yes, it might take a bit of $$$) to get the appropriate photos.
Here are some basic tips to keep in mind:
• Keep it Simple—The focus should almost always be on one item. If you’re selling mobile phone cases, for example, don’t clutter your product shot with other accessories that will distract or confuse the viewer. If you’re selling furniture, show the item in a clean, uncluttered area. Your goal is to give customers a clear view of what they’re buying.
• Consistency is Important—Providing customers with a similar view across similar items is critical. Let’s use the mobile phone case example again. If you sell five different cases, don’t show one of them on a table, another in someone’s hand, a third in a car, etc. Are there times when it makes sense to show an item in its “natural” setting? Yes. But by and large, the best approach is to provide a consistent visual experience for the buyer.

Is Your Shopping Cart Hard to Find?
Imagine going to a store where you couldn’t find the checkout register. You’re ready to make a purchase, but you don’t know where to pay. That’s what it’s like for online customers who can’t find their digital shopping cart. And believe it or not, some eCommerce sites haven’t yet figured out the importance of making this step as obvious and easy as possible.
And for those who have made it easy to find the cart, you’ve likely implemented these important features:
• The shopping cart is identified by an easy-to-recognize icon
• Users can find the cart by looking for the words “shopping cart”
• The cart appears on every page…in the same spot

Is Your Site Optimized for Mobile Shoppers?
Duh? Right. Who would ever operate an eCommerce site that isn’t optimized for folks who shop on a mobile device? Unfortunately, it still happens despite statistics showing that 30% of U.S. shoppers use a smartphone to do product research and 36% of those shoppers compare products, prices and features via their phone.

Amit Bhaiya, founder and CEO of DotcomWeavers recommends that all eCommerce sites be built on a responsive framework. “This step is critically important because it ensures that your website will work on all devices. With this framework in place, your customers can easily interact with your business on a desktop, tablet and mobile phone.”

As you think about your eCommerce site, how would you rate your design?
• Do the images represent your business as a professional?
• Can customers easily find the shopping cart?
• Is it mobile-friendly?

If your answers to any of these questions are “No” or “I’m not sure”, don’t hesitate to contact DotcomWeavers to speak with a professional about improving the design of your eCommerce site. The DotcomWeavers team can be reached at info@dotcomweavers.com or 888.315.6518

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