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A Winning Combination: Dotcomweavers Inc & Miva Merchant


Aug 02, 2010

As the growth of technology continues unbounded, more companies are establishing or upgrading their Internet presence. E-commerce is a huge business at the present, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. One of the biggest problems facing any firm is how to integrate any online shopping service into their website. Miva Merchant has certainly built a solid reputation through its quality online store and e-commerce solutions.

Owners who wish to create a more pro-active online store now have many more choices available to them. With this software solution, the management of shopping carts, product catalogues and payment options is fully interwoven into a successful Internet facade. Every form of commercial transaction, including online shopping, business to customer online sales and e-commerce are now readily available. The expertise of Dotcomweavers Inc specializes in designing, building and customizing a virtual store through Miva Merchant that is ready for immediate transactions.

Miva Merchant offers a balance of standard and customized services that are available. Specialized pages can be used for different categories of the business, including product or check out pages. Many firms like to include additional content on their products, to give consumers a better idea of what they offer. This can also include a Frequently Asked Questions section that will provide a more beneficial shopping experience to your customers.

Dotcomweavers Inc can take the extra step by setting up advanced functions that are not in the standard Miva package. This includes such things as Order Tracking, Discount Coupons, Advanced Search Modules and Gift Certificates. These are all accomplished through third party modules that have been designed for these specific purposes. The design personnel can also offer the ability to import products through the use of data feeds into the online store. That feature alone can make the difference in setting you apart from the competition that is just doing the standard.

It is highly recommended to employ the experts at Dotcomweavers Inc for your store. Here is exactly why:

  • We don’t have the steep learning curve necessary to learn the programs
  • There are more modules available for customization
  • Saving of time by having this done by qualified professional.

Are you working with affiliate programs or need reporting for analysis? Dotcomweavers can also run all of the affiliate programs and provide the proper tracking codes that will list both earnings and payouts. In addition, statistics that list revenue, order volume, and top selling products can be easily assimilated into the regular reports on the website. With automatic shipping rate from all of the major providers (UPS, USPS and FedEx) in real time, there is no need to worry about shipping problems. Customers also have multiple payment options on every Miva store, making this extremely convenient to purchase an item they have located.

The advantages of having Dotcomweavers and Miva Merchant for your online store solutions yield all positives for your business.   Dotcomweavers Inc has all of the experts on staff who can fully implement the Miva software system to optimize your sales while minimizing the time you have to spend on information technology issues. We are the first and best choice for creating that perfect online sales system and provide the boost that your business needs.

Dotcomweavers Inc is a NJ/NY based web solutions company providing high quality e-commerce solutions with thorough experience in Miva Merchant for your online store.   For more information, visit Dotcomweavers Services

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