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A New Place for Paper in the “Paperless” World


Jan 04, 2012

Recognition from North Jersey’s Business News Leader, The Record 

With all the talk in recent years about the “paperless” office of the future — which should certainly be here by now, in 2012 — you might not expect much good news for printing- and paper-based companies these days. And yet, if you provide what people want and make it easy for them to find and purchase it the way they prefer, the savvy vendor — in any business, including paper — can capitalize on real opportunities the digitized world presents.

A case in point is Dotcomweavers’ client Paterson Papers and their new e-commerce website, recently profiled in North Jersey’s leading print publication, The Record, and in its sister website,

Continual innovation keeps company on leading edge of technology

The article describes how Dotcomweavers helped Paterson Papers, now nearly a hundred years old, remain nimble and adjust to the digital world by carrying on and extending the company’s tradition of innovation. Back in the 1950s, the original store installed a vacuum-tube communication system, cutting-edge in its day. They brought in computer systems and software in the early 1980s. And in 1987 they changed the way papers were sold by building the Paper Store and More retail store, enabling short-run printers and other customers to purchase small quantities of a large assortment of papers, the same day, at discounted prices.

Refinements in new e-commerce site

Although Paterson Papers has a well-established paper distribution business and successful stores selling smaller quantities at retail, and has had a website since the late 1990s, they recognized a new opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition once again in the present.

The older Paterson Papers website did have a comprehensive listing of all the products they stock. But — as with competitors’ websites — it was difficult, if not impossible, to buy from them online unless you already knew exactly what brand, weight, color, finish, etc. you needed. In contrast, the new e-store we designed and built for ThePaperStoreandMore makes it simple to browse their offerings, to quickly zoom in on the specific products possessing all the characteristics you need, and to purchase with just a few clicks.

E-store is the face of the future

With the e-store up and running, and the orders starting to come in, the proprietors of Paterson Papers are optimistic about their business going forward in the digital world. Michael Prell, 52, whose great-grandfather, Sam Prell, founded the company in 1914, is quoted in the Record article as saying, “We have always kept up with innovation and will continue.” At Dotcomweavers, we are proud and excited about helping old-line businesses continue to thrive. We truly believe the future is unlimited for those who are able to exploit web technology as it develops.

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