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Amit Bhaiya March 24, 2020

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Dear DCW Partners,

The current health crisis gripping our global economy continues to change hour by hour, increasing in severity. Many businesses are forced into making hard decisions about how they manage their business during this time when businesses are forced to close their doors to the public or customers aren’t buying their products. Our goal has always been and continues to be to serve our clients however we can, helping them to adapt and grow. And while our company remains strong and available to our clients to do just that, we, too, are adapting. 

As government regulations around the world continue to get more strict, our operations have also been impacted, forcing all of our employees to work from home for the foreseeable future. While this change may be forced, we also agree that social distancing and self-isolation are the best ways to slow the spread of this virus and help keep everyone safe (also, please wash your hands and resist the urge to touch your face!). Thankfully, we have the infrastructure and skills within our team to make this transition happen quickly and smoothly. 

As with any transition of this magnitude, you may experience changes in our response time or even limited availability from our support staff. So while we ask for your understanding with this, we also want to make certain you know that we are here to support you in every season, especially in the most critical of times like now. 

If you find that you have needs beyond the scope of our current service, let us know. Now is a perfect time to start discussing what development needs you will have in the future. Please contact Alex ([email protected]), our Director of Business Development, to get that process started. 

Most of all, we wish you all safety and peace in this most uncertain time. We value each of you and look forward to the brighter times ahead. Please take care of yourselves.

Our best wishes,

Amit Bhaiya

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