7 Worst Web Design Habits


May 09, 2011

Apparently, the year 2011 is not going to be the year that ends bad habits for bad web designers. DotcomWeavers is here to help you evaluate your website easily and quickly. If you think you might be a victim of bad web design, check your website for the following 7 pitfalls. Then contact us if you are interested in having your website overhauled and we will gladly give you a free quote.


If your website contains:

  • any videos that begin playing automatically
  • scrolling text anywhere on the screen
  • automatic launch of music
  • pop up ads that take over the screen

Then your website is annoying visitors as soon as it begins loading. Most users are likely clicking away as fast as they clicked onto your page.


Do you have a ton of links everywhere on the page? Are there more menus than menu options? Are there lots of buttons for your users to push? If so, perhaps consider simplifying things. Too many options can confuse visitors. Direct them exactly where you want them to go or they will go nowhere (on your website that is).

Not User-friendly

People hate squinting to read too-small font. They also get annoyed when they see icons they don’t recognize, random white space or broken/misdirected/poorly worded links. Don’t make the user hate them-self for clicking to your website.

Color Scheme

You must walk a line of balance here. Do not blind us with every color in the rainbow and do not bore us with a complete lack of color. Find a simplistic theme that has just enough color and activity to make it interesting to look at.

Runaway Text

If a cluttered website is annoying, inaccessible text on a website is infuriating. Hiding text off to the side or below the screen without easy scrolling tells users you just don’t care if they read it. I promise you they won’t care either, as they click away.

Drop-Down Menu Fail

There are few scenarios more vexing for a web surfer than a drop down menu with options that extend off the screen.


It is not hard or expensive to have your website proofread before it’s material is published. Take the time to do this or risk removing all doubt as to the level of your literacy.

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