Are You Carrying Out These 7 Tasks To Keep Your Computer Secure?


Apr 22, 2013

Your computer is one of the most expensive pieces of technology you own and you need to make sure you look after it properly. It’s very important because disaster can strike if anything goes wrong. Think about all the private information you store on your hard drive. If you make online purchases you have to use your bank account details and they must not fall into the wrong hands. We’re going to look at some things you must make sure you’re doing at all times.

Install anti-virus software

A computer virus is a lot like a virus you might find in your body. You could eventually get rid of it, but while it’s there it can be the most annoying thing you’ve ever experienced. The damage it causes could cost you more than the price of a new computer. Nobody in the world should be accessing the Internet without having antivirus software in place because it’s not worth the risk.

Use a firewall

When you have a firewall on your computer you’re telling hackers they should go away and attack someone else. If you don’t have on they won’t find it too difficult to break in and mess about inside your system. Your computer is a very personal thing and everything is hidden behind passwords. Don’t let anyone sneak in because you didn’t set up a firewall.

Complex passwords

Your passwords should contain numbers. If you really want to be secure there should also be a mixture of upper and lower case letters. You should not use your dog’s name or your child’s date-of-birth. People are also going to guess where you were born and what your favorite color is. Keep your passwords complex, or you will end up having them all hacked. Just make sure you can remember them and don’t save them on your computer.

Update operating system

You can’t keep using the same operating systems for years on end. Eventually they become obsolete and you won’t be protected anymore. There will be more security issues in your computer than there are in North Korea. That doesn’t mean to say you should run out and do it right now, but don’t stay too far behind the curve if you can help it. You might only need to update every 5-10 years and it’s not too expensive.

Software updates

Software is the exact same and it will eventually go out-of-date. If you have anything installed on your computer the onus is on you to make sure you are using the most current version of it. If you are connected to the Internet most programs should automatically look for updates on their own, but make sure you are clicking OK when it asks you to update.

Monitor usage

Your computer could be under threat because of who you allow to use it. Whether or not they are trying to sabotage your machine on purpose is up to you to decide, but when someone keeps accessing dodgy websites and downloading strange files it can be damaging. Keystroke logger software records everything someone does and you can go in after them to find out if they’re doing anything wrong.

Save everything

Once a file disappears it’s very hard to recover it. If something happens to your computer you might not be able to get it back. The only way you’re going to stay safe in this day and age is by making a backup of everything you deem important enough. That means sending your data into the cloud and if you have more than one account you will be even safer. An external hard drive also won’t hurt and they are cheap.

Sheldon Lewis is an IT expert at Webwatcher. He has vast knowledge of computer repairs and maintenance and has listed few useful tips in today’s post which people can put to use to keep their computer secure. He also blogs about computer related topics in his spare time.

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