Top Web Design Do’s and Don’ts for 2013 for New Jersey Businesses

Dec 17, 2012


Time sure does fly by fast.  Where did 2012 go?  As we all prepare for the New Year, our New Jersey web design team decided to gather up a few of our favorite web design do’s and don’ts for 2013. Here are a few do’s and don’ts we came up with:

Do: Take Full Advantage of Using High Quality Web Content

You can hire the best available web design company in NJ to build your website but if your content is not well written, you are setting your online business up for failure.  Remember, content is still king. Content is known for driving sales and increases conversion rates.

If you want your website to succeed, your content must be interesting to read, engaging and it should be search engine friendly. Also, people are more likely to share your content when it provides them with something of value.

Do: Hire a Good Web Designer

…obviously. Everyone who’s shopping around for a web designer wants to hire a good web designer. The problem is, not all web designers have what it takes to build a marketable website. It takes more than talent to build a well-designed website.

For instance, at Dotcomweavers, our web designers think outside the box by thinking like marketers first and artists second. We’re able to build successful websites because we think about the end-user. After all, the end-user is the one who will make the ultimate decision to buy a product or to contact you.

Do: Give Your Text Some Breathing Space

…it’s important that your web page has plenty of white space. Avoid using poor typography and loud graphics. Less is more when it comes to good design. Also, make sure your text is laid out in a professional manner. Your paragraphs should be no more than 4 sentences and it should be broken up in blocks so that it’s easier to read.

Also, if you are selling e-books on the Nook or any other e-book reader platform, make sure your paragraphs are broken up the same way you format regular web text. E-book text shouldn’t be formatted the same way you format traditional paper books.

Don’t: Ignore Your Mobile Users

According to the Pew Research Center (an Internet research company), 45% of Americans own a Smartphone, as of September 2012. That number is growing at a record breaking speed. So, it’s important that your website caters to mobile users. Mobile users are more likely to do business with a company that has a mobile-friendly website.

Don’t: Use Flash Intros

At one time, flash intros were considered innovative and cool. Today, it is not really necessary. Most web users don’t have time to sit and watch a 30 second flash intro. Flash intros should only be used in special situations; for example, if you own an entertainment website.

Don’t: Use Under Construction Pages

…especially the ones with the graphic image of the little man with the construction hat (lame). You’re better off not launching the web page. When you have ‘under construction’ pages on your website, you’re setting your visitors up for disappointment when they discover the page doesn’t even exist. Plus, it does absolutely nothing for SEO. Wait until the web page is complete and ready to go live.

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