At DotcomWeavers, SEO is in our DNA. From design to integration, modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are all about designing with a view to competitor analysis. The introduction of Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms makes SEO even more intrinsic to building a technically sound website with comprehensive content strategy.

Make Google Happy

We know Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird, but we’re not trying to game Google’s organic search algorithms. DCW is committed to helping your brand and website earn a trusted status among customers and search engines, alike. Our SEO best practices will make your product pages rank-worthy.

SEO & Social Sharing

Quality social media is engaging, entertaining and fresh. It creates a “share factor” that promotes SEO endeavors. Customer Product. Since more than 50 percent of buyers want to see customer product reviews before purchasing, pages with reviews to rank better than pages with just product content.

Tracking Results

SEO isn’t static. It requires continually testing which versions of a page attracts more customers. We leverage GoogleAnalytics and bingAds to analyze and improve your webpages. We also implement iContact, which supports e-mail marketing campaigns and provides dashboards to evaluate campaign success.

A Dynamic Duo

DCW offers a complementary approach, using organic search (SEO) and paid advertising (SEM) marketing campaigns. SEO supports your website appearing naturally in consumer search results. SEM uses search engines to advertise your business. It sends more targeted traffic to your site, but you pay per click (PPC) for that exposure.

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More Questions about SEO/SEM

Yes, eCommerce SEO is more detailed than traditional SEO. In fact, successful eCommerce SEO takes into consideration conversion rates through optimization, analytics, Web design and development (preferably in eCommerce) and user experience. It’s also essential to understand buying behaviors; commerce and retail business functions; and social media marketing and communication. Given these diverse requirements, experts recommend that online retailers consult with professionals or companies that have depth and breadth of SEO expertise.
SEO must be integrated early in the planning phase, even before you working on wireframes and design. Failing to establish an SEO strategy can result in unexpected problems when you launch the website and other obstacles to online success.
It takes the right skill set to carefully manage SEO – another reason why experts recommend tapping consultants and companies with SEO expertise. When it comes getting new product pages to rank well, DotcomWeavers understands the importance of establishing a solid information architecture, website structure and internal link architecture from the very start.
If the firm uses Google AdWords to initiate a paid SEM ad, it can take about 24 hours to appear on the first page. An organic campaign, however, takes more time because it involves natural search listings. When producing organic results, Google uses a series of metrics to ensure that a site is relevant and trustworthy. Your website must score well on Google’s algorithmic test, and many other variables, in order to rank well in an organic search. DotcomWeavers' experienced SEO team knows how to maximize each website’s organic search potential.
Based on order of popularity and influence, we subscribe to the sequence of home page > category > products. In addition to treating category pages as individual home pages, we also build deep links to product categories. In this hierarchy, guest blogging, content marketing, paid ads and social media work well. The approach provides users with the fastest and most informed service.
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