Raise Big is a social fundraising platform targeting schools, community organizations, and individuals looking to make a difference in their world

Services Provided

  • Web 2.0 Design
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Wordpress Blog
  • Robust Content Management System (CMS)
  • Social Media Integrationrn


Raise Big is a social fundraising platform targeting schools, community organizations, and individuals looking to make a difference in their world. They are trying to revolutionize the way people view fundraising by changing the model: from students panhandling for pennies in front of stores to actively engaging donors through the power of social media and safely capturing funds online.


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Web 2.0 oriented website which streamlines fundraising for individuals, companies and non-profit organizations. Robust CMS allows seamless distribution of paymentseasily and effectively with the simple but powerful tools this new websitedeveloped by Dotcomweavers makes available to them.Instead of taking 20-60% or more of the monies raised like offline fundraising outfits do, raiseBIG's business model allows it to succeed based on a much smaller commission of just 5-7%. Thus, the site is designed to be a win-win for raiseBIG and those who need to raise or collect funds.
Dotcomweavers worked with the organizers of raiseBIG.com to create an innovative community website to help fundraisers and event organizers get the word out on their campaigns using the latest communications media, while simplifying the process and maximizing return.


The new website Dotcomweavers developed for raiseBIG was designed specifically to deliver powerful eCommerce and social media capabilities while at the same time maintaining simplicity and transparency for campaign owners to administer their programs and for raiseBIG to manage the site.

Technology deployed and customized by Dotcomweavers in the construction of the raiseBIG site includes:



Paypal Mass Pay








The methodology allows simple creation of campaigns andsharing of details across various kinds of social media, including a "Follow Me" option to provide news on campaign progress. Donations are made and security is ensured through a straightforward and fast two-step checkout process with credit cards and PayPal, and the fundraisers receive monies directly into their PayPal accounts at the conclusion of their campaigns.


The raiseBIGwebsite is rapidly growing in popularity, with new members adding promotions for causes and events every week. raiseBIG's owner has the satisfaction of helping to promote beneficial projects and lowering the cost of fundraising for worthy organizations, all while reaping the rewards of starting a unique, innovative enterprise

Key Benefits

For fundraisers

raiseBIG.com capabilities and benefits vastly improve on those that can be achieved with old-fashioned, costly and time-consuming fundraising techniques– and make it possible for smaller groups and individuals to raise funds efficiently:

Instead of forking over 20-69% off the top to a traditional fundraising campaign organizer (who typically uses the members of the charitable organization to do the soliciting for funds), pay only 5-7% to raiseBIG

Use raiseBIG's powerful, free web page creation capabilities to create custom campaigns that build awareness and enthusiasm

Enhance campaign promotion and donor community cross-marketing through social media tie-ins

Simplify and secure the donation process

For the website owner While doing good for communities by enabling cost-effective fundraising and collection of donations and fees, the raiseBIG.com produces outstanding benefits for the owner, elegantly accomplishing his objectives for the new enterprise:

Delivers revenues directly tothe site owner

Provides built-in management capabilities that make it simple and quick to:

administer programs

pay out funds

maintain 100% control over site content

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