Mobile Market Domination by Android

Apr 7, 2011

Sit down everyone. It is time to begin Mobile Market Domination 201 (not just for beginner’s anymore).

The Android has been on the rise since its introduction into the mobile market. With all the competition in the industry, it’s easy for things to change dramatically at a moment’s notice. Fortunately, Google’s Android software, and the quality phones running it, is making a powerful push to be and stay number one- and it’s working.

Let me tell you why Android is number one now and will be for the foreseeable future:

    1. Windows 7 phone is hardly Impressive – The software giant has a good phone, but not a great one. It lacks a large selection of apps, which is very important to users now-a-days. Its OS is lacking many features that the Android OS already offers. While it is competing with the Android in wooing vendors to produce apps for its OS, it still needs to come up with something better to challenge the Android.

  1. Apple will never share its iOS – It seems they are following the ‘less is more’ mantra. They could be heavy competition if they decided to share their iOS with other parties, allowing them to run it. Too bad that will never happen. Thus, they are relying only on hardware sales and cannot hope to keep up with the many Android-based devices that continue to be made available.
  2. The fall of Symbian – Android’s top competitor is all but dead. With Windows 7 mobile phone OS being adopted by Nokia soon, the steady sales of Apple and the dominance of Android, there is just no market share left for Symbian and its outdated, antiquated OS.
  3. The numbers game – Google has convinced so many vendors to run its operating system that it has turned the entire mobile market into a numbers game that they are winning. When most of the top phone companies are committed to running your OS, you’ve got a very bright future.
  4. The phones keep getting better – Motorola continues to produce great phones and they are in bed with the Android OS all the way. The awesome part for Google’s Android is that HTC is keeping pace with Motorola, in producing better phones on a yearly basis. Both companies are in mutually beneficial contracts with Google and it looks like it will stay that way.
  5. Android Tablets – Following the same plan as the smartphones, Android Tablets do not yet compare to the iPads. However, we all know that as long as Google’s partners stay determined, the quality of Android Tablets will improve quickly, most likely outpacing Apple.
  6. Android continues to improve – Each new version of the Android operating system is significantly better than the last. Though it still isn’t as smooth as the iOS, it gets closer and closer. As it continues to improve, combined with its application creation dominance and hardware excellence, its market share will only increase. Plus, its application store is quickly catching up to the Apple App Store. Market estimates put it at catching and passing it in less than 6 months. If that happens, Android may never look back as its domination solidifies over the next couple years.
  7. Google’s commitment a winning factor – Everyone doubted Google’s ability to produce a viable mobile strategy when they first entered the market. That is no longer the issue. With a strong showing in Android, plenty of money to back up their marketing and R&D for it, Google is clearly committed to winning the mobile race.
  8. WebOS is not a threat – The operating system HP acquired from Palm is not a threat. While it will be featured on some smartphones, HP computers and the upcoming Touchpad tablet, the words ‘too little, too late’ come to mind. Hewlett-Packard is getting into the game too late to be of any concern to the Android. Maybe in a few years, if they double-time their rate of improvement.

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