US Hispanic women prefer social media to connect to friends, family, and brands,

Mar 24, 2014

Hispanic Women Use Social Media to Connect with Friends, Brands, and Media

US Hispanic women prefer social media to connect to friends, family, brands, and the media.  Hispanics more trusting of social media than other demographic groups.

Hispanics display higher trust in social media than other groups

According to recent Latina Media Ventures study, US Hispanic women prefer social media sites as a way of keeping up with friends and family.  Yet, they also rely upon social networking sites to stay informed on news events and connect with brands.  Profiling Hispanic women who were active on social media sites, the study provided insight into the social media habits of the study participants.

The research revealed that 80% of Hispanic females used social media to keep in touch with friends and family members.  Yet, the survey also revealed commercial aspects of social media use among Hispanic women.  Of those who used their social media accounts to follow brands, 82% expressed the interest of receiving coupons and discounts an their motivation.  Moreover, 77% expressed that social media sites were an important source of product and service information.  Further, the survey revealed that social media served a critical role in helping respondents stay on top of current events.  Almost 80% of the study participants expressed an interest in obtaining information on current events, while 70% used social media to find information on a movie or TV programming.

US Hispanic Female Social Media Users

The research findings correspond with the emphasis on community and family in the Hispanic community.  As the study revealed, those who placed a high emphasis on these two areas of life extended their values to their social media habits.  Because social media use reflects the value sets possessed by Hispanic women, they are more likely to embrace positive attitudes towards their interactions on social media sites.

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