Dotcomweavers partners with the osCommerce community

Dec 5, 2010

For quite a few years, there has been efforts underway to improve the open source software available
for e-Commerce. Developers, sponsors and volunteers have come together at
to bring the world a reliable free choice for their e-Commerce needs. As a leader in New Jersey
and New York for providing osCommerce solutions, Dotcomweavers has been recognized as a
key developer and entered into a corporate sponsorship with them. The work that is accomplished by oscommerce aides hundreds of thousands of owners attempting to sell online. Along with the others working in conjunction to enhance the open source community, Dotcomweavers is out to make a difference, giving online storefronts easier and more secure e-Commerce solutions.

Compared to other methods of selling goods and service, transactions over the Internet are still fairly
new to the world. The intricacies involved continue to change and complicate each day. What
osCommerece and Dotcomweavers has helped do is provide all ecommerce solutions in one place. osCommerce was started by a community in Germany and has expanded across the globe. With this shopping cart comes thousands of modules and programming contributions that work seamlessly with the osCommerce software. Any and every add-on that a online business needs is available. For anyone who is having problems, there is a forum for help and support that has parties available throughout the day.

Obstacles in online transactions continue to appear in many forms. New and sneakier ways are being developed by hackers and other criminals to circumvent the security measures. Customers want more options available to them, giving them more reasons to make shopping online too convenient to pass up. Technology for building databases and websites constantly changes and the new aspects require analysis and incorporation into existing systems. Dealing with such hassles on a regular basis is enough for any e-Commerce team. No one should have to do it on their own.

The free knowledge and advancements that have been made with OsCommerce have helped many businesses, not just in New Jersey and the U.S, but across the globe. The power of using open source solutions for e-Commerce has yet to be fully tapped. It takes professional e-Commerce web developers, like the team at Dotcomweavers, to dive in and find the solutions that will help bring the whole world a step closer to making online transactions the best and easiest way to purchase what you need.

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