Press Release: DotcomWeavers Launches Social Agenda Tool for Social Media Innovator Wa-Kan

May 8, 2013

Paramus, NJ (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

New Jersey web development team DotcomWeavers has worked with Wa-Kan to develop a social agenda management tool capable of managing personal, professional, and family obligations all in one simple to use interface.

Wa-Kan-800x469The Wa-Kan website allows users to manage their activities by simply referring to their Facebook activity. Wa-Kan makes organizing social affairs easier and more user-friendly, an especially important task given the mobile nature of today’s social planning.

The web design and development professionals at Dotcomweavers were able to produce a custom web application that addressed all of Wa-Kan’s business and operational needs. First and foremost, users can easily manage their events and activities. Wa-Kan’s portal bridges the gap between individuals and organizations and provides an easy-to-use tool that can be used to plan events together. And users can categorize their events under five main headings: My Time, Career Time, Play Time, Our Time, and Family.

Users can also subscribe to fan pages to stay informed of events spanning multiple categories. The system alerts them to potential conflicts and can let users know how much time they are devoting to one particular activity.

Dotcomweavers and Wa-Kan realized this agenda management tool would be particularly useful for busy students. As a result, they devised a feature that allows colleges and other educational institutions to upload course information via excel spreadsheets. Students enrolled in those courses can then subscribe to them and have the schedules appear directly in their agenda.

Finally, both parties understood that agenda management can be deeply personal. Dotcomweavers acknowledged this by designing a system which allows users to categorize their own events. What is play time for one person can be career time for another. Innovative features, as well as the ability to create groups, organize friends, and plan internal events, provide individuals with a streamlined and intuitive user experience. Thanks to the team at Dotcomweavers, Wa-Kan’s vision of innovating agenda management is being realized.

About Wa-Kan:
Wa-Kan is a California based company that is changing the face of agenda management. By incorporating innovative features that allow users to better integrate social media, they are creating an all in one online agenda that allows users to optimize the management of their social and educational affairs.

About Dotcomweavers:
Dotcomweavers Inc. is a Paramus, New Jersey-based web development company that focuses on advancements in Internet technology to provide attentive service and solutions for cutting-edge businesses in New Jersey and New York: web development, website design, e-commerce and internet marketing (SEO). Visit or call (888) 315-6518 for more information about New Jersey website design and web development services provided by Dotcomweavers.

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