WordPress, Joomla, and Custom CMS Development

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system (CMS), such as WordPress or Joomla, gives you comprehensive control over all the text, design, documents, multimedia and other functional elements of your website. Use your CMS to manage each individual’s privileges — what parts of the site they are allowed to modify and the user interface they use to do so. Our team of web developers in New Jersey can implement a powerful, completely automated CMS that’s fully integrated within the structure of your website and transparent for your users.

What can a CMS do for you?

Once a CMS is installed on your server and implemented site-wide, you’ll find that it makes it simple for you and anyone else you designate to modify the site, even if you have no specialized web development skills. It can save your webmaster weeks of development time on an ongoing basis, and could allow you to run your site without a web expert on staff.


Below are some website samples which contain very flexible and robust CMS created for our clients:

  • Vander Plaat—Executive Limousine
  • BLS Eldercare Financial Solutions
  • ASA
  • Paterson Papers
  • New York Language Learning Center
  • Serious Results Fitness

Case Studies

Need a more in-depth look at what our CMS development solutions can do for your business? Read some of case studies about content management solutions we have implemented for your clients:


Web 2.0 oriented website which streamlines fundraising for individuals, companies and non-profit organizations. Robust CMS allows seamless distribution of paymentseasily and effectively with the simple but powerful tools this new websitedeveloped by


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