A Picture Says a Thousand Words. What is a Video Testimonial Saying?

Apr 29, 2010

Last time we covered our featured website AceToGo.com, a proud addition to the Dotcomweavers portfolio.  The website itself reflects the experience and talent of our NJ web designers and programmers, creating a sophisticated website with an extensive database along with the right tool for ecommerce and online shopping. One cannot help but recognize the next level Shinnecock Hardware has elevated to by making 85,000+ of its products available online.

I was fortunate enough to take on the task of visiting Shinnecock Hardware and meeting owner Tom Maloney.  Now at first it sounds easy enough, take the drive, meet Tom and record a video testimonial of his take on Dotcomweavers.  Add in some rainy weather and a two and half hour drive, now that makes it interesting.  Anyone sitting in the car for that long and headed to a destination they have never been before can easily have an unpleasant experience.  However, once I arrived and met Tom, it was worth it.  I was there only for short a time, but Tom is very welcoming, down to earth, and a pleasure to speak to.

They say an picture says a thousand words, what about a video testimonial? After recording his video testimonial and some good conversation, I see how his relationship with Dotcomweavers may be professional, however we value it more at a personable level.   A good relationship with a client makes communication and working together much easier.  Thus, the result will be an ongoing relationship where both sides benefit now and in the future.  Tom is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with him again when the time comes.

Check out Tom Maloney (Owner of www.hardwaretogo.com) in his video testimonial.

description=”Tom Maloney speaks about Dotcomweavers Inc.”

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