4 Mistakes Small Business Shouldn’t Make Online

Jan 21, 2011

Let’s face it; there are a lot of ways to find success in business online. That is why so many entrepreneurs and owners are diving into the online marketplace. They see the potential for great gains and increasing their customer base exponentially and if you’re reading this, you are either on the same road or looking for it. In either case, the following advice is sure to help you.

Failing to Invest In Your Website
Listen up people; the days of small, static websites are over. It can’t look like some kid put it together. There are professional teams of web designers out there that can and will create stunning, secure, and functional websites for your business. Talk to anyone you know that already runs a successful online business and they will tell you: Building a website is an investment and the ROI on it is clearly evident with the surge of popularity in everything that is on the Internet. Look at it this way, if big businesses are online, if your competitors are online, and if most people you know shop online or spend a lot of time online, then there must be something to it. Stop waiting and use this New Year to turn your website into one that your customers will love and return to again and again.

Not Researching Your Competition
This is probably one of the most common mistakes that new online businesses make. How can you know where your business will stand or what it needs to do to out shine others in your industry, if you do not look for yourself? Find out what your competitors are doing right and then analyze your own business for the same aspects. The idea is to figure out what you can offer customers that you’re competition does not or cannot. The research will help you find a niche online that your business can control.

Following Traditional Marketing Methods
The best way to do everything wrong on for your web marketing is to try following traditional marketing methods. Advertising and marketing online is a whole new beast, with unique methods and techniques for getting your businesses message out there. For instance, creating a strong presence with a targeted customer base online is more likely to bring in a solid stream of customers, rather than attempting to entice everyone equally. Web marketing strategies need to be developed and implemented by people with experience in the online marketplace. It takes a deep understanding of how Internet trends work and how the flow of information, packaged specifically towards your ideal customer, can translate into ever increasing sales.

Not Testing or Optimizing Your Website
It is hard, if not impossible to make a perfect website the first time around. That is why so many tools and resources exist to take to measure certain aspects of a website.  Monitoring the number of visitors to your website is the least of the statistics that can tell you how well your online business is doing. On the other hand, finding out how many of those visitors become customers, or your conversion rate, is one of the most important statistics you can measure. The websites bounce rate, average time a visitor spends on the website, and more are good to know as well. However, it is possible to dig even further with the advances in technology that have come along in the past few years. Don’t just find out how long people spend on your website. Find out how long they spend on each page; and which page convinces them to buy your product or leave the site altogether. Optimize your website for search engines, making it easier for your customers to find you. With the right team of experts working for you, constant testing and evaluation can lead to a number of small changes on your website that turns it into an ideal place for visitors to become your customers.

At DCW, we are here to help you find success online, even if you’re not one of our clients. Take the above advice and make 2011 the breakout year for your online business.

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